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My Journey

My journey started in 2019 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. In one day, your whole life and your family’s lives are turned upside down.

I was allergic to the dressings used after the operation which made the recovery process very uncomfortable. Also, I did not have the knowledge of mastectomy bra’s and how they can help you adjust to your new body. All you see are the scars and feel the loss of your womanhood.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Thank You so much for all your help, advice, kindness, and for making Rachel get her self-esteem back! You’re amazing and we will certainly be back and I will be singing your praises! You’re a Super Star.

Love Cindy

The Ezbra is a dressing that can be used straight after the operation

It is soft and comfortable with even support for the drainage bags.